Leishmaniasis study

Written by: Dr. Candice Sant

I am currently conducting a study to investigate the presence of Leishmania in the canine, feline and human populations of Trinidad and Tobago.
If you suspect that your canine or feline patient has skin problems, generalised lymphadenopathy, enlarged organs or distended abdomen, masses and/or ulceration of the mucous membranes, can you please take a blood sample (purple and red top tubes) and submit it to Karen (reception – VTH) or to Dr Candice Sant – Veterinary Parasitology laboratory for testing? Additionally, a skin scrape can be submitted for dogs and cats with skin lesions for analysis.
Blood samples can be refrigerated before submission. A Leishmania SNAP test will be performed along with PCR. Results obtained from these tests will be shared with you. Blood tubes can be provided on request. Pictures of the skin condition of your patients can be emailed to santcandice@gmail.com

Candice Sant