Shivana Beharry

Shivana Beharry


Dr. Beharry attended the University of the West Indies, School of Veterinary Medicine where she graduated in 2006 as Valedictorian of the Faculty of Medical Sciences. She first started Golden Pride Veterinary Clinic in 2007 as she worked part time at three jobs while building her practice over the first 5 years after graduating.

Her first year after graduation, following her love of horses she joined the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority and the Arima Race Club. She was the first female Official Veterinarian/Industry Veterinarian in this position and served diligently for the period 2007 to 2017. She later used her experience to help establish the protocols and guidelines for horse racing to be established in St Lucia under the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club in 2019 to 2022.

While working at the racetrack in Trinidad and part time at the University of the West Indies, she continued to build her practice and officially registered Golden Pride Veterinary Clinic Limited in 2012 as a full-service veterinary clinic in Tunapuna.

Dr. Beharry spends much of her time volunteering with a focus on animal and children-based charities. She has travelled to St. Lucia over the last four years participating in a large spay/neuter/vaccination/deworming program. These volunteer trips are very important to Dr. Beharry, who feels strongly that professionals should contribute back whenever and wherever they can. She has spayed or neutered over 1000 animals as part of various volunteer programs.

Dr. Beharry focus is on client education and surgery. She spends a lot of time mentoring younger veterinarians and always has a positive attitude to life. After practicing for the last 16 years at a small animal practice and equine facilities, Dr. Beharry is excited to be a member of the awesome team at Trinidad and Tobago Veterinary Association and is looking forward to help make a difference to the veterinary profession in Trinidad and Tobago. She is the president elect of TTVA and currently is the chair for the Discipline and Ethics Sub-committee.