Introduction to the Trinidad and Tobago Veterinary Association


The Trinidad and Tobago Veterinary Association (TTVA) was formed in 1934 and was registered as a not-for-profit organization in 2013.

The TTVA is a member of the Caribbean Veterinary Medical Association (CbVMA), the regional association, for veterinarians which includes countries such as Jamaica and Barbados. The biennial CbVMA conference is hosted in countries to which its members belong.

The TTVA also works closely with the Commonwealth Veterinary Association ( The Secretary of the TTVA is appointed Commonwealth Veterinary Association Councillor for Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Regular (voting) members are veterinary surgeons, as defined by the Veterinary Surgeon’s Registration Act of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (Chapter 67:04), who are in good standing.
  • The Executive Committee manages the affairs of the TTVA.
  • Members are also elected to subcommittees and councils.

Mission Statement

The overall mission of the TTVA is to advance the science, art and practice of veterinary medicine in all its forms, including relationships to agriculture, public health, conservation, the environment and the biological sciences. Members are invited to attend Quarterly meetings and an Annual General Meeting. Public Education events are open to the general public and are advertised in the media.